Too Many Lights on the Dance Floor

Posted by R90 Lighting on May 18th 2022

Too Many Lights on the Dance Floor

Well we might as well tell you…

As the world reopens post Covid-19 things have gone a little crazy here at R90 Lighting. The overwhelming demand for lighting equipment now that live events have returned has led to a massive shortage in equipment across the board. We realized that we would need to expand our inventory even further in order to keep up with our ever expanding commitments.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be announcing the arrival of some shiny new toys that are going to bolster our inventory. Just this week we received the first batch of shipments which contained the Elation Proteus Excaliburs, the Elation Fuze Max Profiles, and the Elation Fuze Wash FRs.

The Elation Fuze Wash FR is a versatile moving head wash fixture with a 480W additive RGBAL LED source which has a CRI of 92, making it a great candidate for TV and film applications. It also features a wide 9°-60° zoom range and a full internal shutter system.

We are intentionally pricing these fairly low to foster their use as a video friendly front wash fixture for corporate, hybrid, and live-stream events. They supply amazing color rendering, a seamlessly smooth wash, and never having to worry about getting your focus done before the banquet tables go in.

We'll be doing fixture spotlights on all of our new equipment as it trickles into our ever-expanding production facility. For more information on the Elation Fuze Wash FR, check out this video from Elation Professional. Our site is always updated with the latest fixtures that we supply, so feel free to browse around our inventory to make sure that your next event absolutely shines.