Sessions In Place

Jun 3rd 2022

Sessions In Place

Of all the wacky things we did over the past two years there's one project that we are particularly proud of having been involved with and that is a group called Sessions In Place. Fairly early on in the pandemic, as we were starting to iron out the idea of Covert Bat and pioneering drive-in concerts, Derek Zanto came to us with a request.

Seems a guy named Oliver J. Stellfox was heading up a group of extremely talented videographers who were using their pandemic downtime to promote, boost, and assist local live musicians. Once we saw what they were up to, we knew that it was a project that we needed to be apart of. We were thrilled to donate small lighting packages as well as occasionally space to record in the R90 Lighting warehouse as they kept coming up with more and more local artists.

The concept of Sessions In Place was to highlight a local artist in a COVID-19 safe live-stream. Everything on this was donation based with the only thing monetarily supporting the entire project was a meager Patreon account. The whole thing ran on heart.

With a ton of support from Fremont Abbey Arts Center, Black Raven Brewery, and a whole handful of other sponsors that saw the same appeal in this sort of entertainment. It was nothing short of amazing witnessing all of these talented people come together to volunteer their time and skill-set to achieving a unified goal. Sessions In Place is still operating to this day and have moved towards a hybrid format. If you want to go watch genius videographers at work, and catch some live music at the same time, take a peek at their calendar and try one out.

Sometimes, when you produce amazing content and pour your soul into something, it goes unnoticed. Sometimes it is noticed... For their hard work; Oliver, Ben, Derek and the rest of the Sessions in Place team are up for an Emmy. It's only a regional Emmy at this point, but we've heard that's the path to a full on legit "as seen on TV" Emmy.

We'll find out tomorrow night! No matter what the outcome, this is one of our personal favorite projects that we've ever had the pleasure to support.

Photo Credits: Julliann Itter, Joanne Leadbetter and Diane Bartos