Laser Blade G

(You save $100.00 )

The Laser Blade G is a powerful, compact moving head fixture with lightning fast 540° pan and 270° tilt. This beauty is equipped with a 50mW, CLASS 3R wide beam laser with 15KPPS galvo scanners for smooth shapes, animations, and other jaw dropping effects. It's ultra bright and packed with a ton of goodies like 133 geometric figures, 14 animations, and 76 types of beam patterns.

The Laser Blade G can be operated in standalone mode, auto-beam, auto-animation, sound active mode, or via DMX with the capability to take full control of pan/tilt, zoom in/out, rotating, drawing, billowing, speed, and animation selection. Want to really throw things over the edge at your next show? Set up two or more Laser Blade G fixtures in master slave mode with reversed pan and tilt, add some fog, and get ready to witness some serious mirrored fat beam "Liquid Sky" effects. Say it with us… ohh, ahh!


Main Features:

• 50mW, CLASS 3R fat beam laser + 15KPPS galvo scanners
• Pre-programmed with 133 geometric figures, 14 animations, and 76 beam patterns
• Pan: 540º/Tilt: 270º
• Easy-to-use 4-button LCD control panel menu
• Built-in auto-beam, auto-animation and sound-activate programs
• In DMX mode, 2 animations in one frame can be operated separately
• 3-pin male input and 3-pin female output
• IEC power input connector
• Lightweight and easily portable
• Clamp mounting bracket included