AX-1 Wireless Pixel Tube

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The Astera AX1 Wireless PixelTube is a wireless DMX LED light fixture with an integrated battery that is suitable for a variety uses in cine, theatrical, and event productions. The AX1 features 16 individually addressable LED emitters in a 40.7" long tube that you can mount into a set, on a stand, hang from a grid, or even hold in your bare hand. The AX1 features a CRI rating of 88, which provides for good color rendition. The fixture can be used to create a soft, direct light on your subject or be used as an accent light as well as a design element in the location or set.

The fixture features five different Dimming Curve modes, as Astera refers to it. Selection of these modes along with the Pulse Width Modulation dimming of the fixture enables flicker-free video shooting. The PixelTube features an integrated lithium-ion battery that charges in approximately 7 hours using the included charger and has a run time of 20 hours. It can be controlled remotely by IR, a downloadable app, and wireless DMX. The PixelTube has an IP rating of 65 for dust and water ingress, when the rubber plug to cover the charging port is in place. The IP65 rating means the fixture is completely dust tight, and it is impervious to low-pressure jets, which means you can use this fixture in dusty environments and in wet conditions.